Emotion Cards



Emotion Cards was the result of an in-house two-day jam at If You Can in 2015. I created the concept and built the app in Unity with C#.

The brief was to propose an app for children that would compliment our main game, If... 

If... is a tablet-based game that teaches children 'emotional intelligence' and found particular popularity among young people on the autistic spectrum. I have a couple of young family friends with Asperger's  and autism, and so this is a topic close to my heart, and something I hope to return to some day.

The Emotion Cards proposal comprised a few key elements:

  • Recognising Emotion: Children can play a game where they can learn to associate facial expressions with certain emotions, and discuss this with their parent or guardian. The app was to function as a catalyst for helping to give children the tools to deal with a range of emotional experiences.
  • Emotion Concentration: One of several proposed mini-games, this was to be the classic game Concentration, but with a series of depicted emotions. 
  • Emotion Communicator: For some people, communicating feelings can be very difficult, particularly in escalated situations. The Emotion Communicator was intended to allow the user to simply communicate a feeling to another person by selecting it from a spectrum of feelings, to act as a starting point for resolving difficult emotional situations.

The prototype contains the first game, and simplified representations of the second and third. A completed version would have contained more minigames, more tools, and an option to increase or decrease the range of complex emotions depicted.

To play the prototype,  just open the .html file in Safari or Firefox.